Package com.thirtyboxes.api

This package provides a Java interface to the 30 Boxes api.


Class Summary
AuthorizedUserToken Represents a token returned by to signify that a particular application is cleared to access data from a particular 30 Boxes user.
Email Encapsulates a 30 Boxes user's email address (of which she may have more than one).
Event Represents a 30 Boxes event object.
Feed Represents an RSS feed that a user has subscribed to through 30 Boxes.
IM Represents an Instant Messaging identity that a user has registered with 30 Boxes.
RESTResult Represents the REST object returned from 30 Boxes.
ThirtyBoxes Represents a connection to the 30 Boxes API.
User Represents a 30 Boxes User.

Exception Summary
MethodCallFailedException Represents a failed call to the 30 Boxes API.

Package com.thirtyboxes.api Description

This package provides a Java interface to the 30 Boxes api.

This implementation uses the Apache Jakarta HttpClient library for HTTP connections, and the BrowserLauncher2 library to pop up a browser in the userAuthorize method, so you will need the following libraries in your path (or later equivalents).

(Note: BrowserLauncher2 is not required if you do not use userAuthorize(), for instance if you have your own way of redirecting a browser to the URL returned by getUserAuthorizeURL()).

Most of the work is done with the ThirtyBoxes and Event objects, which you should look at. You should also read the developer documentation on the 30 Boxes site.